Evelyn Dufner
creativesoulcare @ gmail.com

2010-04-30Evelyn is a surreptitious bohemian and soulful self-explorer who has, in the last 8 years, allowed her art to re-emerge in her life. Exploring various media and layers of “found” objects that infuse their way into her work in subtle ways, she is rebuilding her sense of “creative” through mixed media art, photography, and playful pieces. Her work often explodes with color, something that always strikes her (if you ask) as odd, yet she continues to let it flow, weaving in continued messages of emergence from the darker places where she found herself laying dormant. She finds that community continues to encourage, and gently nudge her to grow and share her work.

Living in Dunedin, she has a busy, dancing, playing, creative timeline, and sometimes feels challenged to squeeze in the kind of painting time needed to grow. Regardless, she finds creativity in photography, creative soulcare workshops she facilitates, blogging, and tossing on her art in a tiny, paint-filled corner of a darling 1959 house.

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