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As an artistic storyteller, fascinated by the collective experience, I often play with concepts of self-awareness, evolution and exposure, sensuality, vulnerability, whimsy and emotion. My work exhibits similar narratives, providing windows to my own nature using bold, vibrant colors and abstract figures in moving, vivid environments.

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Evelyn Dufner

Artist | Photographer | Writer | Creative

An artist from a young age, and utilizing art to survive my college days, I emerged into adulthood putting aside an integral part of my artistic self expression. I began rediscovering my artistic voice in 2008, starting with Creative Soulcare workshops, an ongoing photography blog with my sister, my love of Instagram (personal photography), and the evolving little processes of utilizing art journalism and integrating mixed media into my personal soul care work. Since then, I have been growing a collection that integrates my love of paper, collage, acrylic, ink, pen, adhesives and brilliant metallics.

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I have been an artist my whole life, however this journey has started and ended many times. In this moment, Art has kept an eager hand on my shoulder, and a warm breath of encouragement on my creative spirit. My artistic growth threads through my professional journey as a photographer, web developer, graphic artist, and consultant.  As I continue to grow I find myself exploring other avenues of expression and play.

evelyn at easel painting


Working in Mixed Media with acrylic, paper, and found objects


Enjoying the view behind a lens – exploring how the smallest things change with a different view

Educator | Counseling

Over 30 years in Education covering creativity, writing, computer applications, design, and expression. Master in Mental Health Counseling with a specialization in Marriage & Family


Currently working on a Memoir

Soul Care Facilitator

In my workshops participants have the opportunity to explore the blocks and beliefs that inhibit their creative flow, and reconnect with their creativity. What do you tell yourself about art and being an artist in whatever form?  I propose we take a deeper look into what keeps you stuck, and let’s undo the glue! I’ve taught numerous creative soulcare workshops where we explore mini-assignments that encourage artistic connection and awareness, and provide opportunity to expand how you see the world as an creative. Curiosity is all you need.

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Current & Prior Exhibits

From Frozen to Flowing – Workshop

Unblock your creativity and rediscover your artistic joy! “From Frozen to Flowing” is more than just a workshop; it’s an experience. Learn techniques to quiet self-doubt, explore new approaches, and develop a playful perspective on your art.

Studio Waltz – Saturday 3/23/2024

Visit and talk with ten (10) well-established local artists at seven (7) exciting studio locations in Dunedin and Palm Harbor at this free public art walk.
Saturday, November 11th, from 10a – 4p.

Dunedin Living Magazine

Evelyn made the cover of the Dunedin Living Magazine - with a sweet article about her as a resident, artist, and community volunteer. If you would are interested in the whole article it is available as a PDF!
Inside the Art Journal Page - face

The Sketchbook Project

In 2020, my sister encouraged me to get a blank journal from the Brooklyn Art Library during the pandemic. With a deadline for the following year, I figured I could make that work… and as I rallied a handful of classmates on a paid zoom account to keep us painting, and as we worked through our anxiety, we also worked on our art.

Project Popsicle Podcast - Embrace the Mess

Embrace The Mess – Podcast Interview

I am honored, sparkled, beautifully satisfied (and a little emotional) about having been asked to be a guest with Project Popsicle to talk about art, process, creativity, and how life is certainly filled with learning and acceptance.

Soul Collage ™ Collection

The process of creating Soul Collage cards has been profound, seeking imagery without words in a quiet meditative space, and trusting the subconscious to provide insight. I have done these from year to year. Find more information about this form of intuitive creativity here.

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