The Creative Soul-Care (Artist Way) Workshop…

I am currently looking for a location in St. Petersburg, Tampa, or Clearwater to run these workshops – please contact me if you have space!

Discover and Recover Your Creative Self! This psycho-educational group/workshop focuses our ability to reconnect with our creative desires and make space for them to grow and flourish. Take a journey that will help unblock, nurture, and discover your innate artistic potential. You will enjoy journaling, outside tasks and group discussions that will fill your cup and re-attune you to your artist within, helping you to unblock your creative side. Reconnect with the joy of expressing yourself through your own creative gifts. Based on Julia Cameron’s book: “The Artist Way Additionally, one unique session will be devoted to “Art Journalism Techniques” Course is an 8 week commitment with only 8 seats available (small group).

Workshop Registration Form
Workshop Flyer (Monday Classes)

Tampa Area Workshop Contact Evelyn: 407-602-8449 or

This is a simple Psycho-Educational Group, and you may consider yourself a non-creative, however I am guessing that you ARE wonderfully creative! You simply haven’t found it yet! This isn’t an art class – this is an educational workshop among other blocked creatives wishing to unblock, nurture, and discover their own innate creative voice and expression. Join us in Orlando, FL for one of several possible 2013 sessions:

  • Session: 8 Saturdays: 8 weeks – See Calendar Below  for upcoming workshop dates
    9:00 am to 11:00 am @ currently seeking a location

Facilitated by:
Evelyn Dufner, M.A. (Dunedin, FL),

Cost: $225.00 for entire course. A deposit of $75 is required to hold your seat.

The workshop is based on the book by Julia Cameron “The Artist Way” – which I highly recommend student’s find a used copy of. It is psycho-educational – meaning it offers self awareness through lessons and discussions, in a support group atmosphere. It will create a different perspective of your creative side – seeing what blocks that energy, and a series of exercises (artist dates, morning pages, and such) that help open that door a bit more. It isn’t an artsy craftsy class at all, although we we take one session to either create vision boards or set up to do artistic journalism with the groups. You can be any kind of creative. We have had painters, singers, actors, writers, cooks, dancers, journalists, scrap-bookers, beaders, interior designers, organizers, and a few who have started the class saying they weren’t creative at all, and then found out just how CREATIVE they really were, yet kept it stifled based on long held beliefs. The workshop will open you up to new consciousness, and it has been one of the best workshops to encourage a new perspective of how I have held myself down while helping me to emerge as a self-supporting creative.

Meet the Facilitators HERE

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