Nude Nite – Orlando – 2019

Time to start getting my schedule in order for a trip to Orlando where I will have two pieces of art represented in the show! This will be my 8th year doing nude nite (not always in Orlando, typically Tampa). I am still waiting on the juried selection results for Tampa and will keep you updated on my schedule.

I plan on being there all three nights UNLESS my pieces sell, then it will be Thursday/Friday attendance. Thursday is always my favorite night to attend, the traffic is slower, less chaotic, inquisitive, and a bit less fetishy (fetish on my end is not a judgement – fetish yourselves away). It is easier to have conversations, and get a great view of the floor and the people moving through it. Please let me know if you plan on attending any of the nights so I can look out for you!

 Nude Nite is a dazzling art and entertainment event celebrating the beauty of the nude.  Nude Nite brings together hundreds of artworks for 3 NITES of visual art, interactive installations, world-class burlesque, performance art, body painting and a cast of characters both in costume and out

Open to the public.

Tickets may be purchased at the door. Show is 21+ 

**Show exhibits artistic nudity 

Author:Evelyn the Artist
Date: January 20, 2019
2019 Nude Nite Orlando is on my list - come see my work and the show! I will have my new business cards (quite the take away!)
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